Stork Injection Moulding Machine Plastic Mould Die Maker Near Me

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Basic Info.

Plastic Type
Plasticizing Way
Plunger Type
Clamping Way
CE, ISO9001:2008
LC,Tt,Dp etc
Transport Package
Standard Export Package for Injection Machine
3.5 tons
HS Code
Production Capacity
80 Sets Per Month

Packaging & Delivery

Package Size
300.00cm * 400.00cm * 150.00cm
Package Gross Weight

Product Description


Stork Injection Moulding Machine Plastic Mould Die Maker Near Me
HAIJIANG plastic injection machine features:
→ bigger space between tie-bars
→ central-clamping structure 
→ famous components 
→ energy saving with servo motor 
→ low noise, fast respons 
→ high precision, Stable and super long life
→ T-Slot Platen 
→ abundant Spare Parts
→ better price 
Stork Injection Moulding Machine Plastic Mould Die Maker Near Me

Clamping Unit:
1. Optimized Platen Design with high rigidity and enlarged space between tie bars 
2. Euromap-based Platen Layout with both T-slot & tap holes, locating design in moving platen to better suit various molds 
3. New ejection system design with longer ejection stroke, bigger space and better rigidity 
4. Hydraulic drivien gear-type mold height adjustion mechanism 
5. Relocation of mechanical safety interlock for easier operation 
6. linkage structure for front connecting rod increases connectingrod's strength greatly, as well as the whole clamping unit's rigidity & accuracy.
Stork Injection Moulding Machine Plastic Mould Die Maker Near Me 
Injection Unit:
1. High Quality Linear Motion Guide ensure the smooth & accuracy of injection process 
2. High Speed & Pressure injection structure can improve the injection speed 
3. Twin nozzle cylinder ensures more even & stable structure 
4. Specilized screw barrel design for various appliance
Stork Injection Moulding Machine Plastic Mould Die Maker Near Me

Hydraulic System:
1. The double proportional compound valve control system pressure & flow, highly sensitive & stable 
2. Imported high quality Pump, low in noise, long in lifespan & stable in performance 
3. World-famous servo hydraulic system optional, better performance in lower noise & energy saving 
4. The precise feedback control of servo system to the pressure & flow, with higher sensitivity & more accurate repeatability precision 
5. High performance hydraulic valve, less failure, fast switch, convenient maintenance 
6. Low pressure mold protect system, which is more suitable for the precise mould 
7. Greese & lubrication oil in dependent lubrication system can lubricate everywhere in the best situation
Stork Injection Moulding Machine Plastic Mould Die Maker Near Me

Electrical System:
1. Control by double CPU, the system HMI use X86 300MHz technical grade display. The system employees a RISC 140MHz microprofessor, with high speed, noise-immunity, fan-less and lower power consumption, independent control structure improve the stablity of control 
2. 8.4" display screen with resolution 800*600, user friendly screen & optional choose of language 
3. Equiped with USB(2.0) port & ethernet(100-base T) ports 
4. 32 Points input & output, entendable and trouble spot can be replaced easily 
5. Linder transducer's resolution is 1/65535, more precise in control 
6. 120 technological parameters access can be stored & uploaded with an ordinary USB drives 
7. Injection End and temperature tracking is curve display, dynamic recorder parameter is modified, dynamic warningis exhibited, all these make the operation more convenient.
Stork Injection Moulding Machine Plastic Mould Die Maker Near Me

Servo Controller Part:
1. High Precise Control The servo system can control the machine's pressure, speed & location precisely, make sure that the error of  accurate repeatability precision for the shot measurement is <0.3% 
2. High sensitive response Because the motor vector is matched with the controller accurately, it only takes 0.5sec. inputing the number from 0 to max. Compared with other traditional hydraulic injection molding machine, HJ series is more faster in speed with shorter cycle time and high efficient in production 
3. Low noise Compared with traditional fixed pump & variable pump system, the noise is 1/10 lower under normal circumstance, more suitable for sealed dustless workshop 
4. Energy Saving Overall efficiency is 10% more & driving capacity is 18% more than common machine. This series can save 40-80% energy, and achieve first-class energy efficency 
5. Water cooling saving The system condition prevent high pressure uploading without any power output, leads to the water cooling saving
Stork Injection Moulding Machine Plastic Mould Die Maker Near Me
Stork Injection Moulding Machine Plastic Mould Die Maker Near Me
Parameter Unit HJF118-F5
Screw diameter mm A B C
35 38 40
Screw I/D ratio L/D 23.9 22 20.9
shot volumn (theoretical) Cm3 154 181 201
injection weight(PS) g 141 165 183
injection rate g/s 80 95 105
injection pressure Mpa 219 186 167
screw speed r/min 0~220
clamp force KN 1180
opening stroke mm 340
space between tie bars (W*H) mm 370*370
max mould height mm 400
min mould height mm 150
ejector stroke mm 100
ejector force KN 33
ejector number PC 5
max pump pressure Mpa 16
pump motor power KW 11
heating power KW 6.5
machine dimension M 4.2*1.25*1.8
machine weight T 3.5
oil tank capacity L 210
  Stork Injection Moulding Machine Plastic Mould Die Maker Near Me

Q1. What is the warranty for the injection molding machine
A1:Total 18 month,Included machine platen,base,injection unit,clamping unit.

Q2:Can you sending engineer to oversea install machine and trainning customer's workers.
A1: Yes,We will send engineer to customer factory install the machine or trainning customer's workers. in one week,total free.
        After one week, 50$ per day

Q3:How Many spare parts you will prepare for customer?
A3: Spare parts included: mould clamp, long and short nozzle,heating band,Wrench,Switch,Thermocouple,Operation manual

      Tool box,Lubricate Oil,Sealing,Filter etc.

Q4:Computer sytem,Except English, can you change other language,say: French,Spanish,Arabic,Russian.
A1:Yes,when you place order,please tell us the language which you required. Standard one with English,Japanese,Chinese,Korea.

Q5:Can you change the power source for us? Say:we need 3 Phase 220V 60HZ
A5: When you place order,please write clearly.Then we will change the electric system for you.

Q6:If i Need Green Color machine,can you do it for us?
Q7: Yes,please give us the color sample.So we can do it for you.

  Stork Injection Moulding Machine Plastic Mould Die Maker Near Me

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